Our Impact: September 2015

This is the story of how we made a difference in September 2015.

Watch the video to discover how what we did this month had an impact on you.

This month our key achievements included:

·      Thousands of ‘Don’t Be A Rubbish Neighbour’ welcome cards landed on student doormats across the city to help  educate students about waste management, local recycling initiatives and encourage them to get involved with their local community.

·      An even bigger and brighter WelcomeFest in late September included more events and activities tailored to student feedback, an increase in non-alcohol events, and events timed to match the busy schedule of the first few weeks at University. Check out our WelcomeFest promo video here.

·      Our Vice-President Education, Matt worked with staff to recruit 351 Course Reps to help represent our member’s academic needs.

·      In Scarborough, Vice President, Si and his exec team welcomed the opening of a brand new 24-hour study and social space. The spaces were developed in response to student feedback and designed in partnership with the University.

See more Sabbatical achievements in our WelcomeFest Vlog and our September Vlog.


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