Our Impact: January 2016

This is the story of how we made a difference in January 2016.

Watch the video to discover how what we did this month had an impact on you.

This month our key achievements included:

  • In January President, Chuby launched #actionforaccess, his campaign to improve physical access on campus. He spent two days in a wheelchair to understand the challenges disabled students may face and recorded his experiences. Student feedback and a survey of disabled students will be combined to create a report which will be presented to the University.
  • Our liberation campaigns offer a supportive network, voice the concerns and address the issues of minority students at the University of Hull. Vice-President Activities, Ashleigh gave them a boost this month as she arranged a redecoration of their office spaces ensuring they have a welcoming environment to chat to students and plan their campaigns.
  • Our Sabbatical team supported the national NUS campaign to stop the government’s plans to abolish university maintenance grants. When the government tried to pass the legislation through a ‘Third Delegated Legislation Committee’ campaigning forced them into a full parliamentary debate. We lobbied our local MP’s to speak out in support of our students.
  • Vice-President Sport Gurmok introduced a new sports section on hullstudent.com to increase viability of the Athletic Union, provide additional resources for teams and help students find out more about sporting opportunities at the University of Hull.
  • Vice-President Education, Matt Evans wrote a blog to summarise the governments Higher Education Green Paper. The paper has been described ‘the biggest change to higher education in the last 20 years’ so it’s important that if this is going to affect University Of Hull students we let you know about it and give you chance to get involved.
  • Vice-President Sport Gurmok and Vice-President Activities, Kathy continued to work together to get feedback about the experience of taking part in sports, societies and other activities. Throughout January they promoted their ‘Student Experience survey’  and by February had achieved their goal of getting feedback from over 400 students.
  • In Scarborough, Vice-President, Si helped secure radio recording facilities so our student media volunteers could air HullFire radio and create their own podcasts and shows. Hullfire will now also play in Calvino’s allowing it to reach it can reach its widest ever audience.

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